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PSP22 Pausable

This example shows how you can implement a PSP22 contract with a Pausable extension. See an example of PSP22Pausable implementation.

Step 1: Include dependencies#

Include brush as dependency in the cargo file or you can use default Cargo.toml template. After you need to enable default implementation of PSP22 and Pausable via brush features.

brush = { tag = "v1.6.1", git = "", default-features = false, features = ["psp22", "pausable"] }

Step 2: Add imports and enable unstable feature#

Use brush::contract macro instead of ink::contract. Import everything from brush::contracts::psp22 and brush::contracts::pausable.

#![cfg_attr(not(feature = "std"), no_std)]#![feature(min_specialization)]
#[brush::contract]pub mod my_psp22_pausable {    use brush::{        contracts::{            pausable::*,            psp22::*,        },        modifiers,    };    use ink_storage::traits::SpreadAllocate;

Step 3: Define storage#

Declare the storage struct and declare the fields related to the PausableStorage and PSP22Storage traits. Then you need to derive the PausableStorage and PSP22Storage traits and mark the corresponding fields with the #[PausableStorageField] and #[PSP22StorageField] attributes. Deriving these traits allows you to reuse the PSP22 implementation with a Pausable extension.

#[ink(storage)]#[derive(Default, SpreadAllocate, PSP22Storage, PausableStorage)]pub struct MyPSP22Pausable {    #[PSP22StorageField]    psp22: PSP22Data,    #[PausableStorageField]    pause: PausableData,}

Step 4: Inherit logic and implement Pausable logic#

Inherit the implementation of the PSP22 and Pausable traits. You can customize (override) methods in this impl block. We will implement the Pausable logic in this section.

impl PSP22 for MyPSP22Pausable {}
impl PSP22Transfer for MyPSP22Pausable {    /// Return `Paused` error if the token is paused    #[modifiers(when_not_paused)]    fn _before_token_transfer(        &mut self,        _from: Option<&AccountId>,        _to: Option<&AccountId>,        _amount: &Balance,    ) -> Result<(), PSP22Error> {        // TODO logic for before token transfer        Ok(())    }}
impl Pausable for MyPSP22Pausable {}

Step 5: Define constructor#

Define constructor and add contract functions for pausing and unpausing the contract. Your PSP22Pausable contract is ready!

impl MyPSP22Pausable {    #[ink(constructor)]    pub fn new(total_supply: Balance) -> Self {        ink_lang::codegen::initialize_contract(|instance: &mut Self| {            assert!(instance._mint(Self::env().caller(), total_supply).is_ok());        })    }
    /// Function which changes state to unpaused if paused and vice versa    #[ink(message)]    pub fn change_state(&mut self) -> Result<(), PSP22Error> {        if self.paused() {            self._unpause()        } else {            self._pause()        }    }}

You can check an implementation example of PSP22 Pausable.

You can also check the documentation for the basic implementation of PSP22.