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PSP34 Mintable

This example shows how you can reuse the implementation of PSP34 token with PSP34Mintable extension.

How to use this extension#

For your smart contract to use this extension, you only need to implement the PSP34Mintable trait in your PSP34 smart contract. Add import for brush::contracts::psp34::extensions::mintable::*, inherit the implementation for PSP34Mintable trait, where you can also customize (override) the original functions from PSP34Mintable.

use brush::contracts::psp34::extensions::mintable::*;
impl PSP34Mintable for MyPSP34 {}

And that's it! Your PSP34 is now extended by the PSP34Mintable extension and ready to use its functions! You can check an example of the usage of PSP34 Mintable.

You can also check the documentation for the basic implementation of PSP34.