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Implement PSP-22 contract

First, we will cover the implementation of PSP-22 token used by our smart contract, which will represent the stable coin that we will be lending and another PSP-22 token which we will be using as collateral. These are used just to test our example, you will not be creating an actual PSP-22 implementation of stable coin or collateral token in your lending protocol, but this will also showcase how to implement a basic implementation of a fungible token with OpenBrush.

Definition of the StableCoin trait

In the traits/, we will define a StableCoin trait. That trait contains only two super traits: PSP22 and PSP22Metadata, without any other method. That shows that StableCoin is simple PSP22. In the implementation of the contract we will implement that trait to be sure that all super traits are also implemented. StableCoinRef can be used by other developers to do a cross contract call to StableCoinContract.

use openbrush::contracts::traits::psp22::{

pub type StableCoinRef = dyn PSP22 + PSP22Metadata;

pub trait StableCoin: PSP22 + PSP22Metadata {}

Add dependencies

First we will add the dependencies used in our PSP-22 contract to the Cargo.toml file. You will import the same dependencies as in the PSP-22 documentation, so we will not show it here to keep it simple.

Implement the contract

We want a basic PSP-22 token with metadata, so we will add the PSP-22 Metadata extension to our contract. We will add a openbrush::contract macro to our contract and add some imports:

#![cfg_attr(not(feature = "std"), no_std)]

/// This is a simple `PSP-22` which will be used as a stable coin and a collateral token in our lending contract
pub mod token {
use openbrush::contracts::psp22::extensions::metadata::*;
use ink_prelude::string::String;
use lending_project::traits::stable_coin::*;
use ink_storage::traits::SpreadAllocate;

Define the storage

We will derive the storage traits related to PSP-22 and PSP-22 Metadata and declare the fields related to these traits.

/// Define the storage for PSP22 data and Metadata data
#[derive(Default, SpreadAllocate, PSP22Storage, PSP22MetadataStorage)]
pub struct StableCoinContract {
psp22: PSP22Data,
metadata: PSP22MetadataData,

Implement the PSP22 and PSP22Metadata traits and define the constructor

We will implement the PSP22Metadata trait and define the constructor where we will set the name and the symbol for our token. Also, we will mint the initial supply of tokens to the caller of the constructor.

/// implement PSP22 Trait for our coin
impl PSP22 for StableCoinContract {}

/// implement PSP22Metadata Trait for our coin
impl PSP22Metadata for StableCoinContract {}

// It forces the compiler to check that you implemented all super traits
impl StableCoin for StableCoinContract {}

impl StableCoinContract {
/// constructor with name and symbol
pub fn new(name: Option<String>, symbol: Option<String>) -> Self {
ink_lang::codegen::initialize_contract(|instance: &mut StableCoinContract| { = name;
instance.metadata.symbol = symbol;
instance.metadata.decimals = 18;
let total_supply = 1_000_000 * 10_u128.pow(18);
assert!(instance._mint(instance.env().caller(), total_supply).is_ok());